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    About TriSuper

    Superannuation is the second largest investment an Australian will ever make.

The hard earned wealth that accumulates in superannuation is to safeguard a happy retirement in the golden years.

At TriSuper Auditors we care that self-managed super funds deliver on their promise of financial independence and long term prosperity. It matters to your clients.

We work hard to ensure they are protected from any potential action and fines by the ATO and extend that to advice on how to improve the performance of your client’s SMSF.

We are an Australian-based SMSF auditor focussed on serving small accounting firms of up to two partners around the country. We understand that accountants are busy and we’re a small business ourselves. That’s all we do. Audit self-managed super funds well.

Our clients appreciate the benefits.

To help you we have developed the TriSuper way:

  • Your world

    A service tailored to you – working with you, we design our service to fit into your world.

    Same day on call support – just one phone call and you can talk to the person actually auditing your client’s file and get expert answers to any questions you have.

    Free educational updates – the world of SMSFs comes under rigorous ATO scrutiny; it is complex, fast changing and the consequences of getting it wrong can be severe. We keep you updated via educational newsletters, blogs and a specialist LinkedIn forum.

    Annual visit – to your firm, bringing you and your team up to speed on the latest developments and helping prepare for your clients’ end of year audit.

  • Compliance

    Making sure that there are no breaches and, where there are, we proactively work with accountants to remedy them before the ATO finds out – meaning no fines for your clients.

  • Enhancing your clients’ SMSF performance

    Free additional advice on tax effectiveness: minimising the amount paid to the government, plus structural advice, ie protecting your client’s assets and ensuring a smooth transition to retirement. Helping to grow the value of your client’s SMSF.

We do this quickly – turning around your client files in 72 hours (we can do 24 hours* if needed) and with a competitive schedule of fees depending upon the complexity of the work.

Our team

Joel Curry

Director, B.Com, CA, ASIC registered SMSF auditor.

The team is headed up by Joel Curry who began auditing self-managed super funds in 2002. Since then he has personally audited in excess of 13,500 individual SMSFs. He is ranked within the top 3% of all auditors nationwide as recognised by the ATO.

This has given him an extraordinary breadth of experience and depth of expertise – so much so that he is often called upon to help out other industry professionals and is in demand as a speaker on the topic.

As always he is up-to-date with the ever-changing world of SMSFs. Quite simply it is the fastest changing area of tax and the one with the largest personal penalties.

SMSF Accounting Awards 2017 Auditor of the YearJoel also has ATO & Tribunal experience and has direct “no name” access through the ATO Professional to Professional service to get confidential feedback on complex matters.

Joel’s exceptional expertise was acknowledged when he won the Auditor of the Year award for NSW in the SMSF Adviser SMSF & Accounting Awards, Nov 2017.

Around him, Joel has created a hand-picked team of Australian-based industry professionals ensuring the same values and level of service are delivered to all TriSuper Auditor’s clients.