Education Training to keep you up to date

We provide you with live educational events to keep you updated with all the changes brought on by new ATO updates, regulations, courts rulings and government changes.

For many though the most valuable part is the Q&A where I answer questions accountants have about how these impact trustees and their SMSFs.

Keep an eye out here for upcoming SMSF training and events.

  • Stay up to date with all the SMSF knowledge you need
  • Earn CPD points
  • Ask any SMSF questions you have


Upcoming Events

Tripartite v2

LIVE WEBINAR November 2020

SMSF Estate Planning Masterclass

Listen to leading experts work through case studies that involve common scenarios faced by Trustee’s and their advisors.

SMSF Estate planning and the incapacity or death of a member can be fraught with compliance, legal and taxation issues.

Common Problems

  • Can the SMSF continue to the next generation?
  • How can business assets be dealt with?
  • Avoiding tax on death benefit payments?
  • Who has control?
  • What happens in the event of death or divorce?
  • Mixed Families:
    • How to manage the different financial needs of the parties?
    • Does the trust deed reflect the intentions of all parties?
    • Are binding death nominations valid?

When: Thursday 12th November

Time: 1.00pm to 2.00pm EST

It will also feature a live Q&A session to answer any knotty problems you have.

Note attendance at the webinar attracts 1 CPD point.

Your Presenters

Stuart Wolfe

Stuart was instrumental in the growth of Politis into national financial advisory firm. He heads a team of eleven that supports clients achieve their financial goals. To enjoy a happy retirement

Head of Advice Politis Investment Strategies

Philip Hewitt

Philip set up his first testamentary trust in 1991 and has become an expert trust lawyer. He also helps businesses and private individuals navigate succession planning issues.

Special Counsel SWS Lawyers

Joel Curry

One of the Top 100 SMSF auditors as rated by the ATO. And one of only 10 given a clean bill of health at the start of 2020. Joel is also a previous Auditor of the Year and sought-after media commentator.

Director TriSuper Auditors

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TSA Webinar Banner

LIVE WEBINAR October 2020

Unpacking Apes 110, ATO rulings and how to profit from new order

It will cover:

  • What is forbidden – every single edict
  • Dispelling any ambiguity about current practices
  • Commercial opportunities of independence

The live webinar will be on Thursday 29th October between 1.00pm & 2.00pm EST.

It will also feature a Q&A at the end to answer any questions you have.

Attendees will get a recording of the webinar as well as the tip sheet on how to profit from the changes and minimise risk.

Note the webinar will also attract 1 CPD point.

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Past Events

TSA Webinar June 2020


SMSF ATO Hotlist and COVID -19 update

Get bang up to date with this educational webinar covering:

  • COVID-19 induced policy changes to SMSFs
  • Other SMSF changes
  • ATO Hotlist
  • The seven most common mistakes we see coming through now
Missed the webinar? Click here to see the recording


Webinar Resources

1. Presentation slides: Click here

2. End of year checklist: Click here 


Free SMSF Review

Some SMSFs are very tricky. We are happy to review one for you to help. No expectations. It’s our way of giving back.

  • Compliance - does the SMSF comply with all the ATO rules and regulations including SISA, TRIS and SISR?
  • Breaches – are there any breaches that have your clients exposed to high penalties? That they will have to pay themselves.
  • Improve its performance – identify ways in which the SMSF pays less tax to the government and protects your clients' assets.