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    The Service

    Together we design a service that fits into your world

How We Start Together

It always starts with an in-depth discussion about how your firm operates, your expectations, your clients’ needs. Together we design a service that fits into your world. To make everything as easy as possible.

Then we develop a thorough two-way work flow programme and if necessary we will come out to your firm and go through it with you and your team.

The Actual Audit


  1. Run through the audit checklist we have provided.
  2. Get in touch to discuss any particular client issues and your specific service requirements, including turn-around times.
  3. Send us your client documents in the agreed way that best suits you: mail, e-mail, drop-box or through our secure, enterprise level encrypted online portal.

The Audit

  1. We will conduct an initial review to identify any immediate issues and get back in touch straight away to work out how they can be addressed.
  2. The audit work is undertaken by our Australian-based ASIC registered SMSF auditors.
  3. We will get in touch if there are any queries or complications and will provide advice on how to remedy any breaches we have identified.
  4. The audit review is signed off by our Director.
  5. Signed audit reports, including advice on how to improve the SMSF performance, are sent back in the agreed way that best suits you.


  1. You lodge the SMSF tax return and send documents through to the trustees.