The TriSuper way – a SMSF audit service that fits into your world


Your world

  • A service tailored to you– working with you, we design our service to fit into your world.
  • On-call support– talk to the person auditing your client’s file and get expert answers to any questions you have.
  • Free educational tools– to keep you updated via informative newsletters, blogs, and events.
  • Annual visit– to your firm, to bring you up to date on the latest developments. And problem solve any challenges you have.

SMSF compliance audits

  • Make sure that there are no breaches.
  • Work with you to remedy any before the ATO finds out –no fines for your clients.
  • Identify ways to improve the performance of your client’s super fund.


How We Start Together

It always starts with an in-depth discussion about how your firm operates, your expectations, your clients’ needs.

Together we develop a thorough two-way work-flow programme.  

TriSuper Auditors works with all the major SMSF compliance platforms, including Class, BGL, and Supermate. Though some of our clients still use paper files. Which we are also happy to work with. 

The Audit Process

1. We conduct an initial review to identify any immediate issues. If there are any, we get in touch straight away to resolve them with you.

2. The audit work is undertaken by our Australian-based, ASIC registered, SMSF auditors.

3. During the super audits, if there are any further queries or complications, we provide advice on how to remedy them.

4. The audit review is signed off by our Director.

5. Signed audit reports, including advice on how to improve the SMSF performance, are sent back in the agreed way.

You then lodge the SMSF tax return and send documents through to the trustees.

We do this quickly – turning around your client files in 72 hours (we can do 24 hours* if needed) and with a competitive fixed schedule of fees depending upon the complexity of the work.

Expert advice – saving my clients tens of thousands in penalties

TriSuper Auditors are knowledgeable and provide excellent advice and technical support. They have helped my clients several times

Mel A, Newcastle

They will get more engagement from me in the future

I am very happy with their service. I would recommend them. TSA is very cost-effective, the turnaround time is great and they are a good contact to have for questions and clarifications regarding SMSF. They will get more engagement from me in the future

Ruby Stevens , Crest Accounting

A top superfund auditor

I would recommend Joel. We’re using one of the top superfunds auditors. He is very fast, thorough and affordable. We have a great working relationship. We’ve never had any issues with him and his work.

Ashleigh Cook , Nova Business Professionals

Free SMSF Review

Some SMSFs are very tricky. We are happy to review one for you to help. No expectations. It’s our way of giving back.

  • Compliance - does the SMSF comply with all the ATO rules and regulations including SISA, TRIS and SISR?
  • Breaches – are there any breaches that have your clients exposed to high penalties? That they will have to pay themselves.
  • Improve its performance – identify ways in which the SMSF pays less tax to the government and protects your clients' assets.