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Are you excited for the new LRBA Disclosure?

*News Flash* 2017 SMSF Tax Return Released

Are you excited about the New LRBA disclosure? In a move of greater anticipation than a Star Wars trailer teaser, the ATO has released the 2017 SMSF annual return and instructions. Of interest are the new disclosure requirements for LRBA arrangements. In our previous blog we discussed the ATO’s safe harbour guidelines on related party […]

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LRBA 31ST January ATO deadline looming?

The ATO has given notice that all non-commercial LRBA arrangements must be at arm’s length by the 31st January 2017. Thereafter they will be subject to close scrutiny and penalties may arise for those in breach. We recommend that you urgently review all your clients SMSFs that have LRBA arrangements to ensure that they are […]

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LRBA News: Borrowing by SMSFs is Here to Stay – for now!

LRBA News: The Government has now released its response to the 2014 Financial System Inquiry. Importantly they will not go ahead with the recommendation to prohibit limited recourse borrowing arrangements (LRBAs) by SMSFs. New and existing LRBAs will continue to operate under existing rules for at least the next 3 years, at which time the […]

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