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SMSF Training & Events

TriSuper Auditors provides SMSF training for accountants to keep you up to speed with the many changes brought in by government Budgets and new ATO updates and regulations. In addition court rulings and case law are on stream all the time. It can be hard to keep up.

On my SMSF blog you’ll find up to date information and checklists on everything from LRBA Compliance and SMSF Collectables to SMSF auditor independence and even whether you can run a business from an SMSF.

Here I will keep you up to date with any SMSF training and events TriSuper Auditors is holding.

Past Events

Get right up to date on SMSFs in 2019

The world of SMSFs has become more complex, tightly regulated and litigious.

  • The ATO has expanded the focus of its spotlight. And it’s getting hotter.
  • Investment Strategies are Under Attack.
  • In the last 12 months there have been 137 new regulations, court rulings and guidances affecting SMSFs.
  • Many SMSFs are still being tripped up by the 2017 reforms.
  • The courts have imposed significantly higher levels of accountability and penalties on auditors. It will inevitably flow onto administrators.

Joel Curry, director of TriSuper Auditors, is hosting several SMSF briefing events to bring accountants up to date with all the latest changes and their implicaitons for your clients and your business. 

As SMSF auditors we see firsthand the SMSF issues and breaches that flow through the administration process. We are also on the frontline of the ATO vigilance. You will come away with a detailed understanding of the following, along with full training notes and a pre-audit checklist:

2019 SMSF Updates

  • ATO rulings and guidance.
  • Impact of new legislation.
  • Post Election Announcements.
  • Innovative ways SMSFs are being used to achieve investment goals.

ATO Heat lamp

  • Audit targets & hitlist.
  • 2017 hangover.
  • ATO Spotlight on Investment Strategies.

Courts attacks on SMSF process

  • Implications of the recent rulings against auditors.
  • Checklist of activities to insulate your practice from litigation.

The briefing includes

  • 1.5 hours of training incl Q&A – 1.5 CPD points
  • Pre-audit checklist
  • Full training notes
  • Continental breakfast/ Afternoon tea
  • Q&A session

Event Locations 

Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, Port Maqcuarie, Orange, The Entrance.

If you would like to be kept in the loop regarding future training and SMSF industry news, please send a quick email to