New year office hangover
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In the year twenty-twenty / twenty-one, it was thought accountants work was done…

Jun 30, 2021, 7:38 AM

But it’s now twenty-one / twenty-two, and the ATO is coming…..  for you….!

On that bright note, a very happy lockdowned new year to you all.

31 December is wasted on the youth.

We all know the real parties happen at 5pm on 30 June in every inner city, suburban and regional accounting office throughout our great land.    

Go hard, take a risk... you deserve it…  (Maybe, after a few drinks, photocopy your face mask free and post on Twitter?)

And then, the next morning it will dawn on you….. SMSF auditor independence rules have begun! 

A hair of the dog won’t solve this hangover, but a call to Trisuper Auditors will!

We can make your SMSF audit delirium tremens disappear quicker than asking, “Hey, have you seen where I left my mask last night?”

Don’t reach for a Berocca, call 1300 TRISUP  (that’s 1300 The Receptionist Is Still Up Parting)

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