Super Revisited

I’ve spent almost my entire working life as an SMSF Auditor, which has given me many insights into the industry and its changes over time. And it has changed.

Super’s initial intentions were laudable and I am certainly a big believer in people having choices in retirement.

These choices are funded by the $3.44 trillion (APRA) in Australia’s Superannuation assets – more money than some countries.

Inevitably though, large pots of money can lead to all sorts of unintended consequences and distortions.

With that in mind, and feeling somewhat philosophical after over 20 years, I thought I’d create a mini-email series – Super Revisited – to take a step back and look at Australia’s Superannuation system.

It’s also an opportune time, considering the current federal government’s current stance.

So, I’ll be publishing a series of thought pieces over coming weeks.

Of course it’s not just about my thoughts. I'd also love your feedback and opinions.

So feel free to email me and tell me what you think.